I have heard that the meagre substitute we will be given for our much-loved mobile library will likely be situated in Corinella.
If there is to be only one library facility, then it logically should be in Grantville.
Grantville is central to all the other towns and as a business centre for the area (Bank, Post Office, Chemist, Doctor, etc.) everyone has occasion to go there. People who use the mobile library would visit Grantville at least once per fortnight.
It is the gateway to Bass Coast, it is on the main thoroughfare to all the other Waterline towns.
The only people who go to Corinella are those who live there or fishermen.
How can anyone think this makes sense? It is setting up for failure and I believe if it is not utilised well for three months it will be closed down. Then we have nothing.
Is that the plan?
In the future I see Grantville as having a Community Hub for all this area, probably an expansion of the current Transaction Centre or purpose-built.
Why not start building for the future now? Expand slightly the Transaction Centre for a Library and build on that.
Anyone out there agree?
Diana Lutz, Coronet Bay.