Korumburra Bena’s Emmanual Jakwot in the ruck contest against Dalyston’s Shannon Coldebella.

THE buds of future success were on display for Korumburra-Bena as they held off an improved Dalyston in their round 11 clash last Saturday.
In fine conditions the Giants, fielding 16 players under the age of 21, claimed their third victory of the season despite the Magpies throwing everything at them in the final term.
Dalyston in recent times has been plagued by injury and were pleased to inject four quality inclusions, Wylie, Whittaker, Wilson and Flynn Brosnan back into their line-up and they started the game with confidence.
Having played predominately across the backline Darcy Wilson was thrown forward and his strong tackle a minute into the contest paid immediate dividends with a 50 metre penalty for good measure and the Pies had the start they were after.
The Giants kicking to the town end were keen to respond and Jye Celebrine kicked truly with a snap to nail their first.
Both teams were keen to play a fast style of football and the Pies looked potent as Ben Lewis fired the ball to Wilson who knocked it into the path of Jarvis Kilgour who dobbed their second.
And in turn the teams traded goals with Celebrine for the Giants and Corey Wakefield for Dalyston kicking the next couple and the crowd knew that they would be in for a great afternoon’s entertainment.
Next Jordy Hill baulked his opponent delightfully and his centring pass found Rhys Dixon straight in front.
Crucially for the home team the final ten minutes of the quarter saw them seize a 16 point advantage with captain Ben Fitzpatrick sliding through his team’s fourth entering time on and Ash Snooks converting a free kick paid right on the siren.
At the change of ends, Dalyston’s captain, Blake Carew capped off the good work of Jarvis Kilgour and Tom Boxell to kick a steadying goal from the boundary.
Korumburra-Bena forward Bailey Patterson’s pace proved critical in the next phase as he added the next two goals. The first as he reached the fall of the contested ball in the goal square to toe through Josh Hill’s long shot.
The second, as result of clean skills, as he swept up a loose ball to spot up Dixon who returned the favour and allowed Patterson to finish from 20 metres out.
Then it was Dalyston’s turn at the old one-two combination as Carew and Wilson shared the ball twice each in a chain of possession for Wilson to finish for his second.
Patterson again was influential with a deft pass releasing Will Little to run the Giants into goal.
For the Magpies, Tylah Osbaldeston and the Brosnan twins were endeavouring to hold tight in defence but Rhys Dixon nailed Darcy in a gripping tackle to inflict more scoreboard pressure.
A late goal by Jarvis Kilgour was trumped once again by a quick reply through Josh Hill and Korumburra-Bena held a 27-point lead at half time.
The third term opened with both teams determined to continue with their free-flowing play which resulted in early scoring opportunities.
Giant’s ruckman Manny Jakwot showed his athleticism turning his man to find Dixon in the pocket for his third goal.
And the Magpies retaliated with Jarvis Kilgour finishing off Blake Carew’s long attempt to the goal square with a clever snap at the feet of the pack.
Unfortunately, soon after he missed the chance for his fourth goal and the ball was swept to the Burra end where Snooks was the recipient of a free and a 50 to instantly stem the revival.
Again, goals were interchanged with Dalyston scoring from a strong mark to Wilson, Dixon connecting with a Tyler Newton shank for the Giants and then Carew in response making good use of a Jack Legione pass.
The tempo had been fast paced and both sides began to show signs of fatigue in a see-sawing contest. The tackling and pressure applied caused constant turnovers and neither team were able to find a target as the quarter closed out.
With a four-goal differential the Giants still held the reins going into the final stanza though quite aware that they had coughed up a similar margin in their round 7 loss to Bunyip.
The Magpies were endeavouring to make the running early in the last. Silver to Wylie and then Carew but the Giant’s stifled Wilson chance in the goal square.
Ryan Silver again denied the next K-B offensive but the ball was plugged in a stoppage deep in Magpie territory and still no score resulted.
At the ten-minute mark finally Dalyston broke through with a goal to Ryan Minahan. And when Wilson marked strongly in the teeth of goals for his personal fourth Dalyston remained a live chance.
But Korumburra gritted their teeth and with Alex Johnston leading their defence they held off any further Magpie efforts.
One last goal was created as Rhys Dixon booted the ball into their open forward arc allowing Brad Monson to dribble through the final score of the game providing the Giants their 19-point win.
Next weekend Korumburra-Bena travel to Koo Wee Rup while Dalyston will be celebrating the 200th senior game for their vice-captain Dean Wylie as they host Inverloch-Kongwak.