IT started three years ago as a fundraiser for the Woodleigh Hall.
The hall was used only twice a year and Julie Dunn thought that table tennis could keep the cobwebs at bay.
Now a dozen or more players regularly enjoy a solid work out playing table tennis on a weekly basis. The standard is best described as “smashing”.
Every Tuesday night throughout the winter months the Woodleigh Hall comes alive.
New lights, three tables, social banter, enthusiastic competition, a cup of tea, and welcome funds for the hall committee.
Each week the most enthusiastic player award is decided by the previous week’s winner, (suspicion is that the award rotates randomly among all participants), and the prize is usually something made, grown, cooked or brought from home.
Daryl Smith’s cupcakes are much sought after.
Stuart McLaren came out of table tennis retirement to join in the fun last Tuesday.
He acquitted himself very well, cheered on by two subsequent generations of the McLaren family.
The smaller gold coin is the cost of playing table tennis and enjoying the company of the Woodleigh, Loch, Nyora and Kernot community. New players welcome.