With Jim’s Bait and Tackle

I SHOULDN’T have said anything about the weather last week because this weekend was totally opposite to what we have had.
The weekend was very ordinary and the week before it perfect which would have been handy this week with the start of the school holidays.
As I write this report, Sunday, the mid-week looks a little damp, but no wind and the end of the week is looking good at this stage.
Those on holidays should be able to get plenty of time fishing both on the land and boating, just add some warm clothes and a raincoat.
With Bluebait being a bit hard to get this year we salted down some pilchards for those who chase the salmon on the surf.
The first lot is almost gone so I have salted down another 30kg or so which will be ready hopefully before the others are all gone.
I have been told that the Bluebait has been spotted by those who commercially fish them and it’s just a matter of waiting for the weather to settle to go and get them so hopefully we will start to get supply soon.
We are seeing more people standing on the beaches now chasing salmon, some for bait and some for the dinner table.
We get plenty of people in wanting to buy a set up for the beach and we give everyone the same advice, do go overboard with the money that you are going to spend.
Surf fishing can be some of the harshest fishing you will do because its normally windy blowing sand all through your gear. It’s a little like fishing for calamari the fish itself won’t put a lot of strain on your gear.
You need a reasonable rod for casting heavy weights and a reel with a large spool or a long cast spool to help you get the distance. Mono or braid is just a personal choice and we would have just as many successful with either, if you are using braid make sure your mono leader is long enough.
The times we do recommend spending as bit on a surf set up is if your intention is to just cast lures. The setup is very different with a much lighter rod and generally a smaller reel to also make it a bit lighter.
Yes, you can use your normally bait surf rod but after a dozen or so casts you will realize why its normally a much lighter set up.
The salmon that are being reported at the moment are on the small side with only a few over the 1kg mark. We have had several reports and they are all very similar stories regarding sizes and numbers. Even the beaches aren’t showing any signs of one being much better than the others and the best thing this week was the lack of reports complaining about there being too much weed.
One other thing that was consistent with many of the reports was the best time was around the high tide.
There are several out chasing calamari this week and if you had the time it was worth the effort with some quality reported.
The best came from the couple of glassy calm days during the week when a few lucky ones could head out in the boat.
Most of the reports came from Cleeland Bight and it was a combo of calamari and whiting from the same people. The reports of both were good, despite no one bagging out or even filling the esky but for this time of the year its good numbers and quality.
Tickets are now available for the seafood dinner to be held on the night before the San Remo Fishing Festival, but tickets have been selling fast and when the maximum number is reached that’s it.
The menu is available by contacting me at the shop but to give you an idea of what the five-course menu will look like here is the highlights of the night.
The dinner will be in the marquee on the foreshore and will include, oyster bar, canapes x 4, bowl food, main course beef or seafood, dessert and cheese boards to share.
Ticket price includes, dinner, drink on arrival, matched wine with mains, complimentary coffee and tea, live entertainment, historical speakers, historic static displays, industry speakers, and full bar for drink purchases.
To purchase tickets, go to www.srfishfest.com.au and follow the links or drop into the shop and we can help you out.