Flathead was on the menu for Coral and Peter and their son Noel – a regular Jim’s Bait and Tackle customer.

Coral’s husband Peter also got lucky at the weekend!

With Jim’s Bait and Tackle

IF you were lucky enough to have the first week of the holidays off, you got the best of the weather especially late in the week and into the weekend.
The fishing wasn’t too bad either and fishing from the land or a boat you had a good chance of taking something home for tea.
The weekend was the better of the weather; Saturday the best with the sun out and wind non-existent. We had a lot of people in over the weekend that made the comment, “we wouldn’t normally bother fishing this time of the year, but it was difficult to pass on such good weather.”
Many of them were also surprised how many fish were actually around. The no wind and low swell also had plenty of boats heading offshore in the search of a gummy or a feed of flathead.
As is always the way at holiday times there were more than usual fishing from the land and the surf beaches and with more fishing, we get more reports.
I mentioned last week about the seafood dinner on the night before the Fishing Festival in September and the tickets have been selling fast with over ½ already gone.
If you want to go to the dinner head to www.srfishfest.com.au where you will find booking details or drop into the shop and we can help you out, but don’t leave it too long.
Wildlife Coast Cruises has also come on board again and will be offering a 45-minute cruise for just $10, details can also be found on the website. There is lots more happening at the festival and if you want to know more head to the web site for details.
Offshore and the main target was gummies with the swell down and conditions perfect to get to where you needed to. We had several reported, and all from the same area near the windmills and because the swell was so low you were able to anchor which increases your chances in that area.
Those reported during the week from offshore ranged between 8kg and 15kg and almost everyone told us that they got there, rods in the water and in a very short time had one on then for the next hour or two had several more on, landing some of them then it was all over, even if they stayed there for the next few hours.
The reports were that everyone hooked more than they landed, losing a few to the rubble bottom or just not hooking up and in the case of one customer a failed knot.
Those chasing gummies also had a stop or two on the flathead grounds and all found plenty without too much problem. The problem was though not many of them were size or worth taking home and if you didn’t mind the very small silver whiting and couta it was a good day on the water.
We did see several good flathead and it would have been on the dinner table for almost every boat that headed offshore.
Back in the bay and the main targets, as they always are this time of the year, were calamari and whiting. The whiting were elusive and the calamari big, which is also what you would expect this time of the year. Calamari reports came from both land and the boats and obviously weren’t all big but we did see plenty that would have nudged the scales over the 1.5kg.
The calamari shared themselves amongst a lot of anglers this week with the reports from most of only a handful each but those reports came from a lot of people.
All the normal spots, land and boat and it was more about finding the spot with the least amount of weed or couta to be successful.
Jigs types/colours, name me a colour and I should be able to give you a day when we had a report. Nothing at all stood out this week and it just seemed if they were there, they were taking anything and any colour.
Whiting were elusive but we did see some better individual numbers from those lucky enough to find them. I say lucky enough to find them but there was a lot of work involved from those who did get good numbers and a lot of trying different areas and ideas.
Most of the better fish and numbers came from the top end, from dickies bay to coronet bay and I a few different depths. Below the bridge was patchy but most heading that way just chased calamari before heading offshore.
We did get a lot of reports from customers that caught one or two whiting. The only thing common to every report was the quality of the whiting that hasn’t dropped off at all.
Other reports came from the surf beaches of salmon but can’t remember the last time we were told of quantity of salmon better than 1kg. the bigger salmon reported you could count on one hand but at more than 2kg you needed two hands to hold them.
The rest of the reports in the bay consisted mostly of couta and sting rays with the best of the rest a quality red caught on Friday night, not an early season fish yet but looking at the photo a resident.