At a time when the community ponders the effect of government interference in all levels l was concerned to read your article (June 18) titled ‘Technology could be part of our skin… literally’, a report on a speech given by local resident Ken Loughnan.
The article says ”a tiny microchip implant inserted just under the skin, most likely between the thumb and forefinger” will be capable of a vast range of functions including opening your front door, starting your car, making payments and could contain your entire medical history.
Very convenient, but as the article states, “worryingly the tech giants will be watching us as we walk, eat, sleep and play.”
The opening paragraph says “by 2028 possibly 35% of people in the world will have an advanced microchip in their body, just like our dogs, cats and some cattle.”
Possibly 35%, possibly more, maybe not you, possibly everybody, whatever! 2028 is not too far away, and I don’t have faith that any government, or tech giant will always be a “good” big brother.
Steve Finlay, Leongatha.