Coal Creek has been closed for the winter yet the South Gippsland Shire Council firstly, ‘has urged visitors to use the Foster Information Centre’ (for their tourism requirements); and secondly, that visitor brochures and maps would still be available in the Coal Creek foyer during this period.
Yet again, it appears that a Leongatha provider is being disregarded by the Shire, namely, the CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau).
Brochures, maps, as well as friendly personal interaction with a CAB volunteer can provide a huge variety of tourist information.
Computers are also available at the CAB for visitors to undertake their own search online or alternatively, a volunteer can provide this service.
The Shire Council has been sacked for poor governance in not being inclusive or supportive of our community across many areas.
It was not surprising, but very welcome, to read the article by Grace Griffith (The Star), which clearly appeared to highlight the direction in which our Shire Council seems to be taking in the area of tourism with a focus more on towns other than its own.
Leongatha undoubtedly needs a boost to bring life and vibrancy back and there are some wonderful initiatives that have been put forward by progressive and enthusiastic members of our business community.
The opportunity for development of tourism has enormous potential for Leongatha and its environs.
However, it is both disappointing and disheartening for community and volunteers to be overlooked in such an important and integral area of Leongatha’s future enhancement and development.
Jackie Horobin, Leongatha.