PHILLIP Island’s young Brendan North is continuing his fight against the rare form of synovial sarcoma.
Being diagnosed with the form of bone and soft tissue cancer at the age of 21 in 2017, the North family is now fundraising for the first time to help with the non-government funded immunotherapy expenses.
Brendan is now 23 years old, and over the last two years, has endured 12 intense rounds of chemotherapy and 25 rounds of radiation and six months of oral chemo.
This excludes all the other hospital stays, including emergency visits from infections due to his blood count being so low from treatments. At times he’s spent more than 10 days in hospital.
After his last lot of radiation, Brendan has been in a lot of pain and has lost a lot of feeling and movement in his limbs – due to the tumours spread throughout his spine and body.
This makes it hard for him to walk without support.
His platelets count is too low to start any sort of government-funded treatment as of yet, as it would be dangerous for his health.
The next challenge is to stabilise this aggressive disease through immunotherapy.
Unfortunately, due to his form of cancer, this treatment is not government funded.
Brendan has not been able to work for these past two years due to constantly having treatment and side effects, and along with that he also has to deal with his own mental health.
The North family has never asked for funding throughout this journey but now they are kindly asking for your support in helping Brendan.
The family is aiming to raise $20,000 which at time of writing on Monday, July 15, is at $17,500.
You can donate at
The Australia New Zealend Sarcoma Awareness Association (ANZSA) is calling on all Australians to ‘Go Yellow Anywhere for Sarcoma Awareness’ this July for Sarcoma Awareness Month in support of the sarcoma community.
This year’s theme ‘Go Yellow Anywhere for Sarcoma Awareness’ highlights the word ‘anywhere’ as sarcoma is a really unique cancer that can form anywhere in the body.