Cam Pedersen goes for goal in the first term against the Garfield Stars. Mm072919

Daniel Larsson tries to intercept a kick from his Garfield opponent at Saturday’s away game. Mm082919

LADDER leaders Phillip Island continued their winning streak at the weekend, keeping the Garfield Stars goalless for the first half as they secured a thumping 93-point win.
Garfield came out strong at the opening centre bounce, quickly taking hold to go for goal within the first minute.
But despite the home ground advantage, they couldn’t convert.
The Stars tried their hardest to keep the ball in their half, but the Doggies’ Henry Shawcross managed a quick shot at goal four minutes in.
Heavy showers proved detrimental for Shawcross, with both sides equal on one point.
From then on, the Islanders kept it down their end but were struggling to find opportunities to score with a strong Stars’ defence.
A set shot from Alex Redmond went just outside the posts, with a mark to his Stars’ opponent.
A few mud slides later and both teams were consistent in the contests – intercepting marks to prevent either team from gaining possession.
Brendan Kimber slotted the first goal of the match and Cam Pedersen also went for goal but missed, registering a behind.
Garfield tried to reduce the deficit with a shot at goal in the final minutes of the first term, but also missed.
This was followed shortly by Jaymie Youle’s behind, after doing a quick dance around his opponent and taking a shot.
He would’ve got it if it wasn’t for the relentless pressure from the Stars’ Lachlan Schreurs.
A clean tackle by Billy Taylor finished off the quarter with the Doggies leading by eight points.
Only having one goal on the scoreboard at the change of ends certainly wasn’t from a lack of trying from either sides, with the wet conditions playing havoc combined with strong defence from both teams.
Early on in the second term and the Islanders’ Alex Duyker took control of the ball,
booting it to Youle to have his moment and sure enough, he did it.
Despite the Stars’ go hard or go home attitude, Phillip Island’s second goal marked the beginning of the end for the home side.
The Islanders kept Garfield scoreless for the second term as they slotted five goals, albeit with four behinds.
Garfield showed signs of a resurgence with a major to Sam Batson after the main break, but the Doggies weren’t giving in – improving on their kicking accuracy with six goals, one point.
They topped off the game with another three majors to secure a 93-point lead, with a total of 15 goals spread amongst nine of the team.
Meanwhile, Garfield managed one behind in the final term.
Four points ahead, Phillip Island’s on top of the ladder after Koo Wee Rup defeated Cora Lynn on Sunday 92-68.
The Islanders will be travelling to the swamp this weekend, while Garfield takes on Bunyip.