INVERLOCH dairy farmer Bec Casey recently had the privilege of being a winner of the new ‘Thank A Farmer Event’ ran by Mums Who Wine.
This event was created by Lauren Oliver, the founder and CEO of Mums Who Wine.
She is extremely passionate about giving back to our country’s farmers and showing how thankful we are for all that our farmers go through and deal with on a daily basis.
They asked for nominations of farmers and from all the nominations, 18 farming mums came together from all areas for a paid VIP experience earlier this month.
“The experience exceeded all that I could have ever dreamed of,” said Bec.
“They thought of everything, including amazing self-care packs for us all to bring back to the farm.”
There is a Dad’s weekend on August 3-4, 2019, and there is still time for nominations.
For more information, check out the two Facebook pages; ‘Thank A Farmer Event’ and ‘Mums Who Wine’.