A CQUNIVERSITY project aimed at boosting links between the beef research industries in Australia and Latin America through the implementation of DataMuster automated livestock management system, has been awarded more than $750,000 as part of the Coalition Government’s Global Innovation Linkages program.
Led by CQUniversity Professor Dave Swain and Michael Thomson in partnership with the Department of Industry, Innovation & Science, the ‘Global Innovation Linkages – International collaboration with INTA in Argentina’ project will build upon work that led to the first international deployment of the system in Argentina last year.
CQUniversity has established DataMuster as an ag-tech start-up to deliver the technology to the beef industry and maximise the impact of its research programs to the community.
DataMuster’s web-based platform provides cattle producers with the critical information they need for more timely and precise management decisions on stocking rates, mustering and marketing dates, feed availability, and animal health treatments.
The new project, which received total funding of $751,514, will aim to refine the DataMuster hardware and software to suit Latin American production systems.
The software will be integrated to capture the data flows from new sensors, farm hardware net feed intake measurement systems developed by Argentina’s National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA).
A team of researchers will also continue to look for other ways to expand innovation.