KERNOT’S Joanne Krog officially makes the best pasties in the country – after taking out the 2019 Best Australian Pastie competition for her roasted vegetable pastie.
She received the award for her gluten free pastie last week, from the Baking Association of Australia, after going up against 700 competitors.
Joanne began baking her own gluten free pies and pasties only three years ago after being diagnosed as a coeliac and since the beginning of this new journey Joanne has won several awards for three consecutive years.
“I worked in the San Remo Bakehouse for a number of years before making the decision to go out on my own and bake from home; the achievements are quite surreal,” said Joanne.
Known as Jo Jo’s Gluten Free Goodies, Joanne is now a wholesaler to several businesses throughout Gippsland including The Store at Ventnor, who have provided endless support to Joanne on this new journey.
And it was at The Store where Joanne received the award last Thursday morning.
She also sells her goodies at local markets.
“I bake in my kitchen with the help of a friend, Julie-Ann Weatherall and am grateful to have supportive clients that assist my small business,” said Joanne.
Joanne entered the Baking Association of Australia competition held at the Baking Industry Trade Show at the Moonee Valley Race Course earlier this year.
National President of the Baking Association of Australia, Andrew O’Hara, travelled to Ventnor to present Joanne with her achievements in a presentation along with sponsors James Eipper of Mauri, Peter Waddell of Pilot and Shane McAuliffe of Timstock.
After strong competition, Joanne accomplished the following awards for her gluten free goodies:
1. Gluten free pastie won gold and went on to be the national winner for the Best Pastie competition for 2019;
2. Thai red chicken curry pie won gold and overall for gluten free pie;
3. Wagyu beef and caramelised onion pie won gold;
4. Wagyu beef and mushroom pie won gold; and
5. Wagyu beef and cracked pepper pie won silver.
“A wonderful achievement for Joanne and her newly established business, a credit to her and hard work,” said Andrew.
To get your hands on a delicious award-winning pastry call Jo Jo’s gluten free goodies on 0404 605 086 or visit her on Facebook.