Former Paralympian Paul Lake coached Trudie to Ninja Warrior success. tm05_2719

MOTHER of two Trudie Horskins has always been known for her strong competitive attitude, but taking the leap towards becoming Bass Coast’s first Ninja Warrior was something that only her kids could of dared to dream of.
Being dared by her children, the ambitious and highly trained aqua instructor decided she would give it a shot.
Working at Broadbeach Resort in Inverloch, Trudie already had a team of supporters in her ‘Aqua Ducks’ water aerobics class.
Enlisting the help of former Paralympian and manager at Broadbeach Paul Lake, Trudie set to work to develop her upper body and core strength to ninja-like levels.
“Trudie’s got bucket loads of motivation, my biggest job was to help her train sustainably,” said Paul.
Months of training with the help of fellow instructor Mili Painter meant the intensity was a team endeavour.
“At any opportunity, I was hanging off things doing chin-ups wherever I could.
“The local school was a great playground during weekends to hang a swing and jump off, many kids got involved and enjoyed it too.”
Trudies motivation was also to help motivate those around her and show them they could achieve their dreams.
“I saw it as a great opportunity to be a role model for my kids and other mums, and of course, to all of the amazing Aqua Ducks.”
The ‘Aqua Ducks’ played a big role in Trudie’s story, both behind the scenes and on the camera.
Making the trip to Melbourne multiple times, the team story and on-camera persona brought together a great rural story for producers.
Understanding the importance of the whole picture, coach Paul worked hard behind the scenes organising team transport.
“The story behind the individual is a major selection criteria for Ninja Warrior.”
The process of Ninja Warriors was a step that Trudie started aiming to meet just after the first selection, though through her ambition and passion the movement has taken hold of the Broadbeach community.
“Anything is possible if you have a positive attitude on life!” she says.
Watch out for Trudie during the first week of Ninja Warrior on Channel 9.