I would like to see some clarification published around the meeting referred to in your article: ‘Sacked Mayor still trying to influence policy’ (Sentinel-Times, July 9, 2019, pg10).
Firstly, the meeting was nothing more than a normally scheduled South Gippsland Action Group (SGAG) meeting.
There were two invited guests in attendance – one being the former Mayor, Don Hill and the other being the newly appointed Administrator, Julie Eisenbise.
The meeting was cordial, informative and educational, as it was intended to be. The topics were wide ranging and not overly controlled – I believe all participants were the better for the experience.
Yes, there had been an earlier informal discussion with Julie following the first Council meeting under her guidance. This open conversation happened in the Public Gallery area of Council Chambers and was thus open to all. Again, it was time well spent by those who chose to participate.
Yes, it’s all about influencing policy – but it’s not about unduly influencing policy. Will you please take that on board!
John McCombe, Leongatha.