Bass MP Jordan Crugnale and Kilcunda resident Anthony Russo discussing the plans at the Kilcunda Community Centre last week. mm063019

YOU’LL soon be able to safely cross the highway at Kilcunda, if the State Government delivers funding for a multi-million-dollar road safety project.
The project includes a new pedestrian crossing with lights which will stop traffic on the highway, as well as two new bus stop locations, another zebra crossing on that dicky side lane near the shops; new, formalised, 60-degree angle parking and turning lanes.
The angle car parks will be further along the service lane, so you will have to walk further to get to the shops, but it will make it a lot safer for pedestrians.
It’s also likely to see a decrease in the number of car parks.
And at the moment, as cars usually diagonally park, when they drive forward to enter the highway; it can be difficult to see if there’s oncoming traffic. This issue’s likely to be resolved as cars will exit the Carew Street intersection.
There will also be a pedestrian refuge where the Bass Coast Rail Trail crosses the road, near the Shelley Beach entrance, but drivers won’t be required to stop.
There are other improvements, like a safety barrier near the pedestrian refuge, as well as turning lanes for people heading into the caravan park or Carew Street from either direction; and a turning lane for traffic coming from Wonthaggi and wanting to turn into the side lane for the Kilcunda shops, as well as turning lanes for those wanting to go up Peppermint Road or Kilcunda Ridge Road.
But this project is subject to State Government funding.
There is a funded project for Kilcunda, which is a ‘community gateway’.
It’ll see large signs installed on green backgrounds as motorists are coming into town – from Melbourne and Wonthaggi – which display the town’s name and the 60km/h speed limit.
There will also be eye-catching painted lines on the road, leading up to the signs.
VicRoads, although now called Regional Roads Victoria in our area, reckons some people miss the existing speed signs and end up driving above the speed limit.
It’s hoped the community gateway signs will ensure people abide by the speed limit.
Bass MP Jordan Crugnale attended a feedback session at the Kilcunda Community Centre last Wednesday afternoon.
Mc Crugnale said the plans aren’t final, so it’s a great to get community feedback.
“It is about making sure people can cross over the highway safely, as well as accessing the Bass Coast Rail Trail and the coastal park,” Ms Crugnale said.
“It is a busy highway and there’s a lot of activity in Kilcunda.”
Ms Crugnale acknowledged safety improvements have been on the agenda for quite some time, adding that the project will go through a budget submission process.
“It is important to be shovel-ready with projects.
“It’s also doing something that fits in with the landscape, especially as we go through the process to declare Bass Coast a Distinctive Area and Landscape, and the coastal park.
“It’s sympathetic to the environment and the visual amenity of the area, which is why it’s such a popular destination and stop point with the rail trail, and the many events that occur here with the Kilcunda Lobster Festival and Kids on Track.”
View the plans by going to and searching ‘Bass Highway corridor planning’.