Ben Schultz takes flight for this mark at the weekend.

HAS Nyora left their run to the finals too late, with only six games left and only two points separating them and fourth position?
Having struggled this year with inaccurate kicking downfield and in front of goals, Nyora will have to control the ball cleaner if finals football is to become a reality this year.
Travelling to Neerim this week, Nyora defied belief when they took home a 21-point victory.
The Saints started well with Ilan Osman kicking the first goal of the game, but Neerim responded with two quick goals of their own, before Nyora settled with Ben Schultz kicking his first soon after.
Nick Carrigy was dominate in the ruck, while Rhys Bancroft, Ryan Spooner and Brad Arnold took control on the mid field and drove Nyora into attack, Schultzy got his second goal when Ben Hallas took a mark in the forward line, but pulled a hamstring and was unable to take his kick and took no further part in the game, with one player down they would need to be careful not to run out of legs in the latter part of the game.
Nyora continued to push forward at every chance and finished the first quarter with a nine-point lead Schultzy finishing with three goals and Ozzie one.
Second quarter the intensity picked up, and the scoring opportunities dried up, both teams struggled to score, Nyora’s defence keeping the home team to one goal two points, while Nyora managed to add to goals four points to their score with Ozzie taking a strong mark on the 50m mark and kicking his third goal after the halftime siren.
Third quarter saw Neerim dominate the game but not the scoreboard, Nyora struggled to clear the ball out their backline, failure to pick up the ball cleanly and the inability to find their targets down field cost them valuable scoring opportunities.
A 50m penalty late in the quarter resulted in Ryan Spooner kicking Nyora’s only goal for the term, and with Neerim only managing two points, they went into the final change with a 21-point lead.
One rotation down and legs tiring, Nyora needed to hold on to their lead to put them one step closer to finals football.
Neerim came into the last quarter full on intent, kicking the first goal in the opening minutes, and once again dominating the ball for the majority of the quarter.
Nyora’s backline held strong with Ben Miller, Lachlan Fievez, Nick Fairbank, Sam Dixon, Kal Rigby, Sam Burns, Dylan Heylen and Adam Tagliaferro working overtime to continually foil any attempt at goal.
Neerim’s pressure in their forward line hindered Nyora’s chances of clearing the ball and driving it forward, two more failed attempts at goal by Neerim gave the Saints a bit of breathing space and when it finally made its way down forward, the Saints shuffled through two points before Ozzie marked alongside the point post, and converting in true style with a banana and finishing with four goals.
Both teams finished the quarter with one goal two points, and a 21-point victory for Nyora.
Nyora take on Nilma Darnum this week, a must win if they wish to be finals contenders.