Now that the dust has somewhat settled in regard to the dumping of democracy, with the replacement of the elected Councillors by the Administrator, there remains the outstanding matter of the non-disclosure of the ‘Show Cause’ response to Minister Somyurek.
We have been privy to reams of opinion/evidence for the ‘Prosecution’, but, so far, been denied access to the ‘Defence’ submission.
The Minister demanded our now ex-councillors spend valuable time on preparing their defence – having made it clear it would be part of his deliberations with whatever action he might decide to take.
It appears that he then ultimately announced his recommendation without taking the time to even read the document, let alone actually take it into consideration.
It’s my understanding the Councillors burnt the midnight oil over their ‘Show Cause’ response, which in turn meant they had to divert their attention from other pressing matters, like the Budget – which has resulted in them being criticised for not spending enough time on that (and other pressing issues).
The decision/Parliamentary process was over with unseemly haste – with the acquiescence of the Opposition, I might add.
The reports from both the Commission of Inquiry and the Monitor were both tabled in Parliament.
Each favouring the case for dismissal, but the ‘Show Cause’ document (the ‘Defence’), was not tabled and has not been released to the public.
In the interests of natural justice, this is an untenable situation that either requires explanation and/or remedy.
All levels of Government are supposed to be committed to ‘Openness & Transparency’. That is not a commitment about which one can be selective!
What is there to hide?
John McCombe, Leongatha.