A RHYLL sandbank has been exposed to severe damage due to stormwater spurting out of a drain at the beach, eroding the coast where locals and tourists wish to play.
Jim Kiley and Carmen Bush of the Rhyll Community Association raised the concern with Bass Coast Shire councillors at the recent community connections session last Wednesday, July 10.
They’re pushing to have the drain extended straight out to sea.
“The children play in this area and we are constantly exposed to wildlife carcasses and dewy dirty water washing up onto the only small section of sand that we have left,” said Jim.
Jim has confirmed that the drainage would have been installed many years ago prior to Rhyll becoming what it is today, and that they just need the councillors to act on who is responsible and have the problem fixed.
“The tranquil beach setting is now a sight of devastation and a risk for children to play,” said Jim.
Councillors acknowledged the site is severely damaged due to the installation of the stormwater drain.
“I believe it may be a matter of councillors addressing the site issue with Parks Victoria to fix the problem and preserve the current sandbank for future generations,” he said.
“Currently, visitors to Rhyll and residents’ families are unable to make of use of this area due to the unforeseen damage from the stormwater drainage system,” said Jim.
The natural run off from Rhyll streets must be maintained, he added, so they can function without causing problems to the coastline.
Families are forced to visit other areas around Phillip Island instead of utilising the natural playground in Rhyll, the association members added.
Councillors have acknowledged the issue raised by the Rhyll Community Association and will look further into the matter.