ONE, maybe two female boundary umpires is commonplace at country footy matches these days, at all levels.
But it’s not too often you see all four boundary umpire roles, as was the case at a senior game in the West Gippsland Football Netball Competition last Saturday, taken on by women.
That was the situation at the Phillip Island versus Korumburra-Bena Giants at Cowes on Saturday but, as they say about the best of umpiring performances, you hardly noticed the girls were even there.
They went about their work, returning the ball to the centre after goals, throwing in long and high from the boundary and taking up their position beside the point post with professional aplomb.
And it was something of a sister act for Jazmine Findlay and Mackenzie Findlay, and Claire Trewin and Erin Trewin, sharing the boundary duties on the day with a minimum of fuss.
The South Gippsland Umpires Panel has 10 women in its ranks and their involvement is fully accepted.
“I’ve been umpiring for three or four years now and I love it,” said Macca Findlay.
“I do it for fun and fitness. It’s good to be part of it.”
And they’re very much in demand with the local panel always looking for more members to cover the many games they have across several leagues at the weekend.