Recently the Cape had a storm to end all storms. Approximately 150 houses were affected with various storm damage, such as roofs, ceilings, floors, carpets, bedding and flooding – to name a few.
Apart from the damage around 100 could not return to their damaged homes and had to find other places to stay.
Due to the amount of work needed in this little hamlet and the shortage of tradesmen, the mess will not be cleaned up for a long time yet.
I have a question for Council – where are you? Then and now?
Why did you not recognise these unfortunate souls and at least offer them free rubbish removal? The least any council would have done.
Instead you charged some $18 for a car boot of storm damage material. You need hauling over the coals for your lack of empathy and disregard to recognising that the Cape does exist. We pay rates you know.
Two elderly adults who suffered with severe storm damage to their homes have been so traumatised by this event that they ended up in hospital with stress related illnesses. Let’s hope they recover. Does council even know about them?
Do they even know the problems some people are having? No they don’t and they don’t give a rats a**e.
The Cape will pull through this event because of the resilience of the community.
The council at the moment defies speaking about with disorganised, overpaid, underworked, top heavy group that has a lot to learn about the community they are supposed to represent.
It’s not what council wants to do, it’s what we as ratepayers want you to deliver.
P.S. Go suck on a lemon councillors (a sour one).
D. Pallant, Cape Paterson.