I was recently admitted to the Wonthaggi Hospital to have a hip replacement, and would like to share my experience of my stay. Also, the lead up to my operation was first class and reasonably well streamlined.
I was admitted and operated on by Mr Rodney Richardson during the first day and by early afternoon taken to the ward and attended to by the excellent and efficient nursing staff who ticked every care box imaginable.
This care level was maintained for the whole of my stay, whether it was nursing, physio, the delicious and ample meals provided by the kitchen, and any other staff concerned.
I have been in quite a few hospitals over the past few years, and in my experience Wonthaggi Hospital would be the best I’ve been a patient in by a mile and then some.
In finishing I want to say congratulations and thanks to everyone at Wonthaggi Hospital.
Terry Carman, Cowes.