With Jim’s Bait and Tackle

NOT a lot happening at the moment, but you would think it won’t be long and the reports will start coming in regularly.
Once the weather breaks, the sun comes out and the very cold wind warms up, more people will get enthusiastic about heading out for a fish.
The only thing holding back the reports is simply the weather because as soon as the sun comes out so do the people and with the AFL, for many supporters winding up this weekend there will be plenty looking for something to do.
If you are looking for something to do in a couple of weeks’ time don’t forget the San Remo Fishing Festival on Saturday, September 414.

Fishing Festival catch-up
Strait to Plate dinner – sold out.
Deckie race – http://www.srfishfest.com.au/deckie-races/ – entries needed; you don’t need to be a deckie to compete just someone that wants to share in the $1000 prize money.
The race is open to everyone and is a very easy course, just enter a team of two and it might be your name on the trophy and cheque.
Blessing of the fleet – http://www.srfishfest.com.au/blessing-of-the-fleet/
Entries now open and it’s free, but you must be pre-registered.
If you want your boat blessed for the season ahead simply register and you will have a position on the jetty saved for you to take part in the blessing.
Saturday’s Festival – http://www.srfishfest.com.au/ – stall holders, cooking demonstrations, filleting demonstrations, life jacket and flare demonstrations, activities for all the family, free face painting, show bags – giant yard games for the kids, fishing clinics, wildlife cruises, eco boat cruises, all locked in ready to go.
There is lots happening on the day and with the large marquee on the foreshore where the stage and many of the stalls are, the rain or wind won’t affect the day or the demonstrations.
Surprisingly, the entries for the deckie races have been a little slow especially considering the prize money on offer.
Maybe it was the name of the races with people thinking that it was restricted to deckies, which isn’t the case and it is open to everyone.
It’s a simple course with four legs, roll a cray pot, fill a fish bin with ice and carry it, life preserver run and throw a float into a cray pot.
You enter as a team of two and run the course together. There is a senior and junior section and details can be found by following the link above.
Fishing has been difficult with the weather over the last month or so and I don’t think I saw more than half a dozen people all week.
We are getting the odd reports when there are breaks in the weather, the problem is there aren’t that many days of good weather.
We have had several people fishing on the surf, or should I say trying to.
The rough weather has pushed up plenty of weed and in some cases it’s a battle just getting onto the beach, you almost have to put a ladder into your kit to get up and down the bank the big seas has created.
The jetties haven’t been a whole lot more productive, probably due to the bitterly cold winds that seem to coincide with the best fishing times.
There are glimpses of change and it won’t be long before we are all battling for a spot to fish.
If you believe in old sayings, “flood on the land, flood in the sea” a little more rain and we are just about there.
It has been several years since we have seen this much fresh water flowing into the bay so consistently.
This can be a good thing with any bad things that normally wash into the bay diluted considerably and a bit of food also washed off the surrounding farms.
The rough weather also stirs up the bottom and uncovers new ground to fish on, so don’t forget early season keep a good watch on your sounder for those ledges or rough bottom that has been exposed by the shifting mud.
The reports this week were few and far between with hardly anybody out fishing from either boat or land.
There were a few that braved the winds on Saturday and hid down in Cleeland Bight for a handful of calamari and the odd whiting with the biggest number being draughtboard sharks.
Others in the boats during the week found a handful of whiting and a couple of snapper and gummies.
Off the jetties there were a few out looking for calamari and we were told of a handful caught.
Those who have been chasing salmon on the surf and apart from struggling with the weed the salmon were quiet and several hours was needed for any results. Those who did find the odd salmon only found smaller ones.
Although it has been a bit of doom and gloom lately it won’t be very long at all and the sun will come out and we will be into the season.