I booked in to talk to the Shire, filled in my request form on the Shire website.
I asked for maps to be displayed while I was speaking to the three Administrators, CEO ticked the box which you have to do for it to go to the Shire.
On arrival, 1.54pm for a 2pm start, no PA system, asked why… comments were my voice was loud enough. What about other people?
So, I started; you talk, only to stop 10 seconds in – no maps, no staff to put it up. It took over 5 mins for one person to come in and go click.
Minutes later I started to speak again; I asked for the other map to be put up another 3 mins. Had to get the only person who is allowed to touch or is able to use the computer to fix it.
Then I was able to talk to Julie, Christian, Rick and CEO. I was cut short, didn’t finish my talk due to it was 2.24 pm.
Yes, had my so called 15 mins interrupted by staff who did not care about their job or the 10 plus hours I had put into my talk.
At my small business, I shut the doors and drove over there to be kicked in the guts, is poor.
I’m disgusted, shocked and amazed at how quickly this enterprise [government-elected] has already fallen into the gutter, kicked a ratepayer in the head.
I demand a hearing on what happened, another time to finish my speech and get a fair hearing. Words are so hard to come out in a nice, respectful manner.
David Amor, Korumburra.