Alana McRae goes for goal in Sunday’s match.

Grace McRae lands a signature tackle.

DALYSTON youth girls have been known to love a good laugh whilst playing football, and in this weekend’s final against Wonthaggi Power, the first quarter lacked the signature giggles – and saw the home side make a break.
Daly went into the game knowing it was a knock out final.
Taking the game seriously, coach Rohan McRae noted at the first quarter break the on-the-field severity.
“Play your game girls, have fun, enjoy, kick into space and do your thing – laugh,” said the calm and collected coach.
And that’s what they did, returning a goal down, Daly got around one and another, kicked to space and laughed their way to a great second term.
Uniting the team that has its share of talent, and while there are those who get more kicks than others, the quality that the group share is a genuine laugh.
And it seems that all the laughing makes you fit – because they’re fast too.
Following the first goal, Power remained scoreless, though it wasn’t a one-sided game, Daly made strong sweeps through the backline, attacking forward through kicks into space.
Running through, the girls moved without the worry of wind and found good offensive ground with their pace.
One second half sequence of play linked from Alana to sister Grace McRae, to Zara Hooper, from sister Zoe to Hayley Verboon into a goal.
Dalyston will face Korumburra this week at Inverloch, Sunday at 10.45am – for a spot in the grand final.