I am continually amazed at the lack of upkeep of the streets of Inverloch when I come down to my house.
We drive on roads littered with potholes or broken pavement or if we are lucky patches on patches.
The council subscribes to Snap Send Solve, but I doubt if anyone in council bothers to monitor the app.
I have, over the past month, been particularly annoyed at the condition of our streets and have submitted numerous submissions to the app over a period of three weeks and whilst I get an automated acknowledgment of the submission, nothing gets repaired.
What also astonished me is that with the number of council trucks and employees I see parked up at the boat ramp carpark having extended morning tea and lunch breaks, there is more than enough manpower in Inverloch at any one time, to enable road maintenance to be undertaken.
In my LGA in Melbourne if potholes or graffiti is submitted to Snap Send Solve, it is rectified within a day or two.
Bass Coast Shire Council needs to lift their game and keep our streets in good condition – isn’t that one of the prime responsibilities of council?
Dale Wise, Ashwood.