Members of Parliament are not elected to force diet and lifestyle choices on the Victorian public.
The Animal Justice Party’s ‘Meat Free Monday’ motion in Parliament last week was just another calculated stunt from this unrepresentative fringe organisation.
This is a group with a clear agenda to shut down farms and inflict pain on our lawful, responsible farming families.
In stark contrast, The Nationals proudly stand in support of farmers and the agricultural industry which feeds, clothes and sustains the economies of country Victoria.
Even here in Gippsland, we have thousands of farm business which in turn create tens of thousands of jobs and generate flow-on economic activity that makes sure our towns survive and thrive.
We must ensure our law-abiding farmers are protected from illegal activism. Over the coming week, Gippsland will host the first regional hearings for the Parliamentary Inquiry into fixing farm trespass laws.
The Nationals fought hard to establish this Inquiry, and for regional hearings to be included. Unlike those with their own personal anti-farming agendas, I will always stand up for the people who elected me on the issues that are important to our communities.
Melina Bath, Member for Eastern Victoria.