SHOOTING at paper targets at distances from 300 to 1200 yards is known as Target Rifle Shooting and David Brewster, a long-time member of the Grantville Rifle Club, commenced the sport in 1990 and is one of Australia’s best exponents.
David, a past winner of the Victorian ‘Queen’s Prize’ in 2013, following a narrow defeat into second place in the South Australian Queen’s Prize the previous year, has just returned from a most successful 24th placing in the 150th Imperial Meeting, held in July 2019.
Imperial Meeting is the impressive title given to what is arguably the biggest shooting competition in the world. Steeped in tradition and history, this Target Shooting event held annually at Bisley, in Surrey, England, is the home of this long-distance shooting sport.
The event draws hundreds of shooters from many countries, with around ten different nations competing this year.
Incorporated into this immense event is the annual UK Queen’s Prize Shoot, the global pinnacle of target rifle shooting. David’s placing deserves to be put into some context.
The 2019 event commenced with 1400 competitors, held in three stages. The first being seven shots at 300, 400, and 600 yards. Stage two sees the top 300 shooters shoot ten shots at each of 300, 500, and 600 yards on a large one hundred target range.
The top 100 go through to the final round where they shoot 15 rounds at each of 900 yards and 1000 yards. The event is reduced to 100 finalists – the elite in the event and all awarded with an historic and coveted ‘Queens Badge’.
The Queen’s Prize for shooting, was inaugurated by Queen Victoria to raise the standard of military personnel’s marksmanship following the Crimean War.
In reference to the equipment used in this event, David’s 308 Winchester (7.62) calibre rifle was as required, the subject of Australian and UK Customs paperwork, while the ammunition shot was made available at the event.
All equipment is inspected to see it complies with international rules. For those who appreciate the more technical side of things, David shoots a Krieger Barrel with a 12 twist, and for the event, Sierra 155 grain projectiles were used.
David’s motive for becoming involved in this aspect was firmly stated, “he wanted to have complete control of how barrels are chambered and fitted.”
“I will compete in this fairly and well-run event in the future, perhaps to better this year’s placing,” said David.
If you would like to try this sport, visit our website or contact the secretary on 0411 565 691.