Rosie Blackmore was an adventurous girl, who was born in our country town.
Over 100 years ago, she planted an unusual, tiny Australian Flame Tree seedling in her family back yard garden.
Over the following 100 years, it grew into the most grand, unusual and beautiful giant, with a smooth, fat trunk and intermittent, blood red summer flowers.
After many years, when Rosie became old and sadly died, her Flame Tree bravely and proudly lived on, thankful of Rosie’s loving, lifetime friendship, Rosie had left her mark on the world.
Then, one day, Rosie’s old family house was sold to build a supermarket and Rosie’s Flame Tree was to be chopped down.
This was sad news to the new friends who admired and loved Rosie’s 100-year-old Flame Tree and who promised to do their best to save this gentle, inspiring, precious giant.
They talked and encouraged many other caring people and the supermarket people were happy to save Rosie’s Flame Tree and move it to a safe, new, proud place in the front garden of the new supermarket.
So, after much care and preparation, then one sunny, exciting day the biggest crane we had ever seen, came to our town to lift Rosie’s Flame Tree to its new home at the new supermarket, a large, excited crowd had been gathering for months to watch Rosie’s Flame Tree prepared, with its precious roots safely wrapped up, to be lifted by the huge crane to its new home, with its precious, life giving roots safely wrapped up tight.
When everyone was ready, the nervous and excited crowd cheered as Rosie’s Flame Tree was safely lifted.
It left its old home in Rosie’s childhood family garden, now hanging and swinging from the huge crane and flew incredibly, high above your heads, through the air, like a strange giant bird, to its proud, safe new home, in front of the new supermarket.
Today, after much care, Rosie’s Flame Tree is happy and remains much loved and admired by all who pass by, with its growing fat, smooth trunk and occasional, beautiful blood red summer flowers.
It is a human miracle that Rosie’s 100-year-old Flame Tree remains one of the oldest trees in our country town and it makes us all happy, especially the day we saw it fly safely to its new home.
We all made a special wish, that Rosie Blackmore’s very old, beautiful and priceless Flame Tree will live safely and proudly for another 100 years, in our lucky country town.
Thank you, Rosie, your beautiful Flame Tree still inspires and connects so many local family generational memories.
It makes our community more respectful and proud of our remarkable heritage trees – wow!
Trees can grow into gentle giants, the biggest living, precious organisms in the whole wide world, they create a unique and priceless ecosystem that sustains a healthy and happy world environment.
Let nature be your best friend.
Richard Lester, Leongatha.