I read with interest the articles in the local papers about the latest failed talks between Bald Hills Wind Farm (BHWF) operators and the local residents.
When a resident must move from his house to sleep in his car, or to stay at another property, in order to find respite from the annoyance caused by the wind turbines, then that is surely an issue that needs addressing.
The recently sacked council looked at this “noise nuisance” and agreed with the BHWF neighbours – apparently to the councillors’ own demise.
That’s right, it is now widely believed they were sacked in order to bring in administrators who would eventually overturn the decision that council had made!
So, we wait to see when they will do so.
Remember the wind energy market is a multi-billion Australian market.
Such a shame the previous bureaucracy couldn’t work on a win-win solution to everyone’s advantage rather than passing it over to their lawyers to handle it for them!
This will now cost the South Gippsland Shire ratepayers even more.
No wonder our residential rates are planned to increase by at least 5 per cent this year.
Another rate shock, together with South Gippsland Water’s touted 9 per cent increase.
Otto Ippel, Koorooman.