Neither the rain nor Inverloch’s defence could stop Koo Wee Rup’s full-forward Darren Sheen. tm08_3419

STARTING strong but defensively denied, I-K struggled to make the most of fair weather and a good start as the finals fever of Koo Wee Rup took the heat up a notch.
Taking on a Demon side with sights set on grand final redemption was never going to be an easy task, especially as the weather was set to turn against the Sea-Eagles favour.
Inverloch-Kongwak found opportunities early, but missed kicks-on-goal came back to bite.
Toby Mahoney and Dylan Clark helped Inverloch to an 11-point margin at the first quarter change.
With five behinds, early domination wasn’t enough to make the most of the fading good weather.
Lewis Rankin shut down much of the backline through the first half but as the game went on, I-K lacked forward moving efficiency.
Demon defender Timmy Miller (not to be confused with Inverloch’s Miller family), scorched many opponents, his defensive rebound was reliable and as close as a sure thing as the wind would allow.
Linking up from half back Timmy found options coming forward who then relied on full forward cannon Darren Sheen.
Sheen’s role was pivotal, reliable and very tough to defend. He made his way to a match defining six goals.
As the weather blew in, rain was consistent for the second half.
I-K leader Adam Cross continued to show the way, with young Corey Casey following his example, the two worked hard – but without forward resolve Inverloch fans were left hoping.
Adjusting well to the rain best, Luke
Walker lifted his side.
Walker was already on the march, hitting the ball hard, using it well and setting the scene for accountable defence – his role was a clear example.
In the final term Koo Wee Rup defence united, shutting down the ground ahead of Inverloch, things were only going with the wind.
Local boys Mitchell Collins and Nathan Muratore made the most of the wind that was blowing away from Koo Wee Rup and towards another final’s appearance for the Demon boys.
Koo Wee Rup will go on to play their rivals Cora Lynn who they have gone one-for-one in their two matches this season. They will be the headliner at the Korumburra Showgrounds next Sunday.
Inverloch seniors coach Tom McQualter’s growing work commitments have forced him to step down from the role. So, for upcoming 2020 season, Inverloch will be seeking a new seniors coach.
Inverloch is also seeking reserves and fourths coaches for next year.
Interested parties please contact president Pete Butcher on 0418 566 458.