The town of Kongwak was covered in the white stuff on Monday morning this week, including ice and snow as temperatures dipped towards zero. m603419

STORMY weather overnight on Sunday, into Monday morning, might only have measured 50ml at best in rainfall gauges across the region, but coming on top of recent wet weeks, it was enough to play havoc with rivers, occasional streams and roads.
During an icy snap on Monday morning, deep water, heavy hail and even snow in some places covered roads from San Remo to Korumburra making the morning commute treacherous for many.
Especially on Korumburra-Wonthaggi Road, through the hills north of the township of Kongwak, hail and snow was deep on the road through the notorious Kongwak bends but thankfully without incident there.
But Police, SES and other emergency services did attend the scene of an accident on the Bass Highway at Kilcunda, shortly before 7am where heavy hail made the road icy, prompting several cars to slide and spin out of control.
“We were called out because of initial concern someone might be trapped in a two-car collision at Kilcunda,” said Jarrod Hargreaves, controller of the Wonthaggi SES.
“It’s a high-speed area there so we were concerned it could be serious but it turned out OK thank goodness.
“There was another, more serious accident, on the Bass Highway between Leongatha and Inverloch at about the same time, but again, no serious injuries.”
Mr Hargreaves said the SES answered numerous emergency calls, one involving storm damage to a shelter at the Wonthaggi Bowls Club and another where flash-flooding had entered a house in a new estate at Inverloch.
“The shelter at the bowls club was blown to pieces in the wind and there was some damage at the Inverloch house.
“Due to the rain we’ve had in the past week, the ground is saturated now and although we didn’t get big totals, all the rain we are getting now is running off, causing flash flooding.
“The water came into the back entertainment area and into the house damaging the carpet, but by the time we got there, after the road accidents, the water was starting to recede.
“We put down some sandbags as a precaution.”
Similarly, the Bass Coast Shire Council received a number of emergency calls, mostly involving water across the road, including on Archies Creek Road, in the township, on West Creek Road north of Wonthaggi and also
Chisholm Road, west of Wonthaggi.
“We saw the forecast and our outdoor crews were ready to respond with flooding signs, trucks and chainsaws but they’ve had surprisingly few calls,” said a spokesman for the shire.
“You can see all the rivers are swollen or at minor flood levels now so any rain we get in the next week will be monitored closely.”

South Gippsland
Meanwhile outdoor crews at the South Gippsland Shire Council received 36 calls overnight and into Monday morning, mostly for water over the road but also due to fallen trees.
As a result, they’ve increased the number of road closures to eight including the following:
• Armstrongs Road, Meeniyan (from South Gippsland Hwy heading north to property 150)
• Beilbys Road, Leongatha (200 metres from South Gippsland Hwy east to property 65)
• Wooreen-Mirboo Road, Wooreen (from Strzelecki Hwy heading east to property 260)
• Wares Road, Leongatha South (between Meeks Road and Cosgriffs Road)
• Hillgroves Road, Leongatha (between Cross Road and Hudsons Road)
• Ryeburn Road, Outtrim (between Outtrim Inverloch Road and Rileys’ Road)
• Nicholls Road, Mardan (between Old Nichols Road and Boolarra South – Mirboo North Road)
• Stuart & Dunlops Road, Middle Tarwin (between Breens Road and McRae Road).