The editorial of August 6 pleaded business persons’ cause – ultimately a client must leave their car in the sun, walk on hot pavement under hot verandas into any business – even the Plaza!
And it will get hotter in the next few years as the climate crisis manifests.
Trees are the original cooling medium. Not only that, they are attractive, making a business experience cooled and more enjoyable.
Getting into a shaded car is also a blessing. Woolworths has shown foresight in providing weather shields in its parking areas.
For those young and elderly who walk, a tree is also a blessing – less skin cancer.
If trees are planted, there will be complaints by drivers of bird poo dropping on cars and raindrops falling on them as they run for the footpaths, which only indicates how far from nature people have grown; being time-poor to clean it off when they rush from place to place.
Trees have proven beneficial on farms, why not to businesses too? Perhaps Graham Street and McBride Avenue could be a walk only zone.
That would mean the provision of more parking areas. There is no quick fix to 1910 planning for at that time [it] was different and slower. Trees take time to grow. We seem to chop down more than are planted.
Imagine our main streets where bird chatter is louder than revving cars; couldn’t it be a pattern for other towns!
The costs of trees cannot be a direct cost on any business, and the shape and species of trees used needs specialised cooperative effort.
I feel for business people who are constantly being canvassed to augment community funds, if only for this area, we must get the question right.
Joan Woods, Wonthaggi.