I am writing to address the increasing incidents of dogs attacking other dogs on leads in public places in Wonthaggi district.
My two small dogs were recently attacked by a large dog jumping out of the open window of a van outside Paws Galore.
I was lucky and only had to pay a vet bill of $112 for a ripped out toe nail, but I am now very anxious when I walk my dogs, as are many I have spoken to.
Others have not been so fortunate and my condolences go out to those who have lost their fur babies.
These incidents are extremely traumatic for people and I would urge people who know their dogs can get aggressive to take responsibility and muzzle them in public and not leave their car windows wide open with dogs in the car.
It is a sad reflection that some people are now carrying sticks when they walk their dogs for protection. All that is required is for owners to take real responsibility for their dogs to advert these tragedies.
N. Michelle, Wonthaggi.