With Jim’s Bait and Tackle

THE Fishing Festival is on this Saturday and if you want to know what’s on, head to the San Remo Traders Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/3925district/ where the program for Saturday is listed.
Don’t forget, regardless of the weather, the marquee means there is plenty of shelter from the elements. Melanie has our sale ready to go and if you want to save a few dollars on your early season shopping, drop into the shop.
At the festival there will be showbags and inside the showbag is a flyer for an even bigger discount on our sale, but it’s only valid for the day of the festival.
Despite the cold, and at times wet weather, there has been plenty of opportunities to fish during the week with light winds.
There is still the patches that remind you we are closer to winter still than summer, but you can definitely see a change, and with a bit more daylight before and after work we are seeing more head out for a quick bait collection after work and last week it was with success.
The beach at Woolamai was one of the best spots last week with the perfect tides for an evening fish and it seemed all the calamari hanging around were big.
The jetties are still a bit hit and miss and it’s a case of if you fish San Remo you should have been at Newhaven and then the other way around.
The calamari off the jetties wasn’t as big as those off the beaches and the numbers weren’t as good either. Off the beaches, it was mostly baited jigs although we did get a few reports from those using artificial jigs.
There were some good patches of weather, but the timing wasn’t that favourable for those wanting to chase an early season snapper, and it’s still a bit cool for an overnight session. The handful of people that were able to head out found the snapper have moved in according to their sounders but very few of them are hungry yet.
A handful of people fishing resulted in a handful of reports with the biggest snapper we were told about this week just under 5kg caught up around Spit Point.
Those able to take advantage of the better weather this week were mostly whiting fishermen and because the whiting spots are only minutes from the ramps you don’t need a big window to go for a fish, just a window favourable with the tide.
The whiting reports have been slowly on the improve over the last month or so. The size isn’t monstrous, but the numbers are getting much better.
The whiting we are seeing are around the mid-30s with some on the small side even at mid-30s, so they still have a bit of condition to put on. No stand pout spot with the popular ones producing, it just depended on the direction of the wind as to the best spot to fish for the day.
We had a couple of reports from land-based customers, and while we don’t get too many of these reports the one thing in common with all of them is, they don’t like saying where they are catching them.
The ones during the week I know were from the Cowes/Ventnor side, I just don’t know exactly where. Many of the reports we are getting are telling us they caught them on pilchard fillet, maybe because the water is still dirty and there is more oil in the pilchard than the pippi.