DARTS are making a comeback in South Gippsland.
And it’s no longer what it used to be in the pubs when patrons would hold a beer in one hand and a dart – or two – in the other.
The Korumburra and District Darts Association has been running matches out of the Korumburra Golf Club since 2000.
They meet every Monday night at 7.30pm. Although this season is coming to a close, with finals this week, the next season kicks off in November.
“There’s usually a few juniors here,” says well-known golf club identity Ian ‘Gibbo’ Gibson.
“It’s a good atmosphere, friendly and there’s great sportsmanship. It’s nothing too serious.”
That’s not to say some don’t play competitively, but at the end of the day it’s a regular social outing for all ages.
Gibbo’s daughter first took up darts when she was 16, eventually leading to him also giving it a shot.
Jeannie Axford’s also been involved in darts since around the early 1970s.
She recalls playing mainly at night, as a social outing.
“It was a chance for women to get out and socialise, because many didn’t work at the time.
“I enjoy the darts and the social side of it, I’ve definitely made some new friends through it.”
She says a lot of the men aim for a triple 20, whereas women aim for the trebles.
Jeannie, who’s got her fair share of trophies, says all newbies need to do is: “Just turn up and start throwing.”
Of course, she says, if you want to do really well – you’ll have to put in the hard yards.
“Some people here also play in Wonthaggi.”
Korumburra Golf Club President Rob Gallagher says the darts are a good use of the facility.
“We’d love to have more groups like this here,” he said at the darts game last Monday night.
Korumburra and District Darts Association President Rob Paterson encourages anyone, of any age, to check it out.
“There’s also room for more players,” he says.
Call Rob Paterson on 0497 901 372 for more information.