I’m wondering what is happening with the state of the telecommunications industry in rural Australia.
Over the last few years there has been a notable increase in people complaining on our local message boards and news outlets about faults and outages that are just not getting fixed.
The latest little kick in the pants from the government is to get rid of the CapTel service so our most vulnerable are left with no communication at all. The NBN was sold to everyone as a blessing from the heavens above but there seems to be a new issue every week.
I am just amazed that for the last five years we have lost our phone line and internet for a week at a time whenever we get a heavy rain.
Other countries are talking about making trips to Mars but I can’t make a phone call if it’s raining.
This issue has been escalated many times to the Telecommunications Ombudsman; the CEO of Telstra Andrew Penn, and the Minister for Telecommunications’ office, yet all they want to talk about is how wonderful the industry is, instead of addressing the actual problem
Apparently living in rural Australia means you have to accept sub-par service at higher rates. These politicians and CEOs might live in the big smoke, but it doesn’t mean we can’t tell when it is being blown the wrong way.
There used to be minimum performance standards of telecommunications set specifically for rural Australia but now these standards seem to have been thrown out the window to make way for NBN.
Without these standards it seems to be that every rural customer has to have a David and Goliath battle with their providers until something is done.
Tim Anderson, Moyarra.