We totally agree with Michael Giles’ editorial, “Why you should be paying more rates” (Sentinel-Times, August 27).
Our rates in the Bass Coast Shire are too low to meet the infrastructure needs of our community.
We find it bizarre that in the past four years our rates have reduced by 12.5%!
How are we possibly expected to build infrastructure when our rates go down?
We are of the view that the rating methodology used by the Council for the various types of property (lifestyle, rural, coastal and farms) is seriously wrong and needs to be reviewed urgently.
We would recommend that Council introduce a special Infrastructure levy to generate the funds needed to get the infrastructure backlog fixed.
The Council needs to be able to bring money to the table to support its grant applications to the State and Federal Governments.
We are sure that if we bring money to the table we will be supported by the State and Federal Governments.
It’s time to take urgent action and “do”.
Frank W Schooneveldt, Wonthaggi.