Readers may be aware that Korumburra is in the news with respect to rail and plans centred on its station.
There’s been a one-sided update of these issues on local radio, in newspapers and in some local community groups.
We’ve also heard from the acting CEO who speaks for the South Gippsland administration team… an unelected, apparently unchanged group of people, whose wages and perks are fully paid for by ratepayers.
But what do the ordinary ratepayers and South Gippsland residents think about the issues… since there has never been openness and transparency in our shire in the past to debate them?
About return of rail to the region, the side lining of the issue to create a rail trail at the expense of ratepayers and the use of the station as a community hub?
Where is the transparent community consultation now taking place?
I’m an interested ratepayer who belongs to at least four community groups.
Not one of them has been actively canvassed to express opinions on these issues by the new administrators, the acting CEO or the press since our last South Gippsland Shire Council (SGSC) was sacked.
Why not? Has there been a survey initiated?
Open forums for community discussion not vested interests speaking loudly on behalf of themselves?
We’re expected to pay for these directions, so why are we not being made aware of the true costs and implications?
Where and how is the community consultation taking place, please?
Marie Gerrard-Staton, Korumburra.