Walking on the beach early last Thursday morning (August 22), I was stunned to discover a most beautiful carved piece of the Amazon shipwreck exposed on the surf beach at Inverloch.
Heritage Victoria was notified as soon as possible by Parks Victoria. Heritage Victoria arrived on Friday to view this significant relic after it had been smashed by strong currents and high tides overnight.
I admit it is a very difficult situation, as Heritage Victoria has made it clear that preserving any wooden object would be costly.
However, we have something very special here on the Bass Coast, an 1850s tall ship, a wooden tall ship, potentially the only wooden shipwreck of the kind on the Australian coast and yet nothing is being done to protect it or try and preserve it for future generations to appreciate.
A museum is where such pieces should be displayed. Potentially, income derived from such a venture would outweigh initial costs.
Many locals are unaware that there is, in fact, a shipwreck on the Inverloch surf beach which is the way ‘Amazon lovers’ like it.
We need to act responsibly to prevent inappropriate human intervention so that we can share the beauty and history of the Amazon which is on our doorstep.
To my dismay, Heritage Victoria’s response was to ask locals to ‘keep an eye on it’ over the next week while Heritage Victoria requisition permits to remove it and re-bury it on the beach.
This is just not good enough, Heritage Victoria! Amazon shipwreck lovers like me want answers!
There must be options available, tell us what is required, work with us, or let us work with you to at least preserve some of the Amazon.
Karyn Bugeja, Inverloch.