Thanks to all those misguided people who called for the sacking of the Council – you have helped to deliver an excessive rate increase.
Our sacked Council was trying to implement a rate reduction or at worse, a rate freeze.
Instead, we have a Labor Party appointed and directed troika who do not live in the Shire and who think a few dollars a week extra is nothing, happily drop the rate reduction and pass through the rate increase. Many in the community have now had rate increases of 4 per cent or more on residential properties.
Rate increases for farms and commercial properties are even worse. This is way in excess of the CPI changes.
Chief Administrator Julie Eisenbise started her tenure with a big PR swing and making noises about change but since the other two have joined her, the state of the Shire has rapidly gone downhill.
The South Gippsland Action Group (SGAG) and the Rate Challenge Group will be getting a petition up seeking a change for 2020 – a return to a 3 per cent rate burden reduction.
In addition, we have looked at the Financial Hardship provisions at other Councils and believe a much more compassionate approach can be implemented in South Gippsland Shire.
Expect to see this petition out in the community later in September.
Let’s get a big response and convince these Administrators who have no idea of this community, that the rates need to be cut.
These Administrators have listened to Council staff and not to the ratepayers. That is just not good enough. It is we the ratepayers that pay all the wages and we deserve better consideration.
Lindsay Love, SGAG Secretary.