I would like to thank the South Gippsland Sentinel-Times and the other local newspapers for providing editorial and support to our community events and services.
Without the newspapers, it is difficult to get coverage to let the public know what is happening or happened in our area.
The recent Rotary Art and Photography show received wonderful exposure as did the Daffodil and Street Festival.
Of course, there are numerous other events throughout the year that would struggle to get media support and publicity without our local papers.
Most local community organisations and events can’t afford marketing budgets yet our papers help [by] giving those events support in their articles.
Our whole community including sports, entertainment, charity, education, business, health and other interests receive and benefit from the wide support and coverage by our newspapers.
In today’s media environment, newspapers tend to struggle, so we need to support our local newspapers as much as possible.
Again I gratefully thank our local newspapers in supporting our community.
Harry Leggett, Rotary Leongatha Art and Photography Show.