CALL them cricket tragics, call them flannelled fools, call them cake eating, ukulele playing ‘Kookaburras’ that love a game of cricket.
Last year’s experiment with the Leongatha/South Gippsland Over 60s cricket team proved so successful, not only are they up for a second year, an Over 50s team has been born.
Pat Sheedy has warmly accepted the role as this year’s Kookaburra Patron.
Already he has peppered training with encouragement and banter.
Training has been at the perfectly suitable Korumburra Cricket centre (indoor) but soon the Kookaburras will go outdoors, to Outtrim – the geographic centre of the local cricket competition.
From then on training will be at Outtrim every Wednesday night, 4.30pm for Over 60s and 5.30pm for Over 50s.
In return for the Outtrim nets, Kookaburra policy is that the Kookaburras’ first home game each season will be played in the bush setting of Outtrim.
Numbers are good, but new faces are always welcome. A reward is offered for cricketers (over the age of 60) who have relocated to South Gippsland and keen to continue or recommence their cricketing careers. Ring Gary Adams on 0407 040 125 or Trevor Wilson 0408 586 382.
First game this season is against Warrandyte on Sunday, October 6, which coincides with the start of Seniors Week. The South Gippsland Shire has given the match good publicity.
Our other four home games will be played on hard wicket and turf, anywhere from Foster to Phillip Island. Clubs wishing to host a game should contact Gary Adams or Trevor Wilson.
The Kookaburras are drawn to play ten games between October and February, away games at Richmond, Endeavor Hills, Mornington, Iona and Koo Wee Rup.
Missing from last year’s team are two of our stars, Dave Mock and Les Larke.
Dave was our regular opening batsman, and Cr Larke our second highest wicket taker.
Who could forget that memorable catch Les took at Warrandyte last year?
Recruits for the new season include well-known Foster cricketer Ray Dower, ex-Korumburra coach Barry Ingwersen, OMK’s Peter Miller, and Rusty Crickets’ John Kerr.
So keen is John, he has commissioned bat maker Andrew O’Hoy to make him a new bat.
The same Andrew O’Hoy is the man to contact if you are interested in playing Over 50s cricket. Andrew’s phone number is 0421 046 294.