As a resident of Bass Coast Shire for the last 20 years, when my rate notice arrived a few weeks ago, a flyer was attached which dealt with how rates were calculated and 15 examples for every $100 council spends.
The first example was that it costs council $3 in every $100 to provide aged and disability services.
I was shocked at that, especially as the staff are such highly trained professionals and the fact that 50-plus staff will be made redundant when the service closes in December.
Shame on you, council, for not continuing this valuable service, which only costs $3 when it costs $8 for parks and gardens.
I also noticed my rates had increased by $100.
So, my question is: What service is council going to provide in place of aged and disability services in January 2020 with the $1 million they tell us are the service costs?
It’s not too late to change your mind council as its peanuts in today’s cost of providing such a valuable service.
Diana Campbell, Inverloch.