I want to share how amazingly good are the services offered by Bass Coast Health.
I had a major operation on May 20 and in a position to make an assessment of the quality of care received from private and public health services.
Having the highest level Private Health Insurance, and needing a very complicated back procedure, I did have the best surgeon for the job and didn’t have to wait more than five weeks.
I was admitted to a well-known private acute care hospital in Melbourne. However to my horror, the care was less than satisfactory with very painful avoidable complications.
I stayed 14 days and was virtually tipped by ambulance out to a private Rehabilitation Hospital, where due to my overall condition, mainly pain, I missed some of the rehabilitation offered. I was assessed as needing investigative procedures which were not on site, so more ambulance rides.
I was again told I had to leave after 14 days.
I was assessed by Bass Coast Health, and a rehabilitation bed became available at Wonthaggi Hospital in Armitage House. I could barely walk with the help of walk trolley and experiencing high levels of pain.
Coming by ambulance from a private Melbourne rehabilitation hospital, to Armitage House, I was happily bowled over by the number of medical and allied heath providers that sat on my bed for assessment and treatment conversations. A gerontologist specialist and a GP also attended me. Every patient who arrived at Armitage is treated in this prompt, respectful and compassionate way.
Prior to admittance, on hearing I was to be placed in a bedroom to be one of four patients, sharing a bathroom, I was apprehensive that this would be intrusive and not conducive to a healing environment. How wrong I was.
The 12 days I spent in that bedroom was so very rich, and humbling – to be part of the conversations and privy to the personal situations with the other mature women patients. We talked and listened to each other.
Not everyone can look forward to going back to live in their homes.
I saw the Armitage team work tirelessly to reach the right decision on next placements for each person – often ensuring those who believed they could still make it ok at home, providing varied specialist support to get them back in their homes.
The skilled caring team at Armitage under Christine Burns’ wise, compassionate and capable hand, are a very happy and dedicated group of nurses and allied health workers.
The nurses are particularly empathetic, I told friends I felt as though I had found myself back in a retro era -and it worked so well. Patients looked forward to catering and cleaning staff who were so friendly and often shared a joke with patients.
Armitage is classed as slow rehab! With hospitals like Epworth and Donvale and others being classed as fast rehabilitation.
At Armitage, physiotherapists (on-site gym) and allied health workers, including occupational therapists, ensured patients had daily consultations to ensure active rehabilitation.
Very sad things happen at Armitage – palliative care and the inevitable end of life. However this extremely private specialist care was seamlessly conducted.
As a widow and living alone without family nearby, I was wonderfully surprised on being discharged, being provided with Post Acute Care Support Services. These services include physio, allied health services, and help with house cleaning and shopping are provided to those who need them on discharge from a public hospital. Everyone, for up to four weeks, which can be extended if there is need. This is paid for from public health funds. This service concluded recently. My Aged Care has ensured I’m assisted with home help through Bass Coast Shire.
To sum up: services that I received were caring, efficient, understanding and most important seamless. Once home, I was contacted multiple times by health service providers.
I fought for the establishment of Medicare and I wish to advise the services and care I received while a Wonthaggi Hospital public patient were outstanding.
Thank you to the Board Chair, Directors, and Jan Child the CEO of Bass Coast Health for the time and effort expended overseeing, planning, deliberating and taking decisions about the public health care that will be offered to the people in Bass Coast. You are doing good work. Thank you to the hundreds of staff who implement this excellent care
Kay Setches, Surf Beach.