With Jim’s Bait and Tackle

A LOT of people we sell fishing licences to will complain about the need to pay to fish and that’s a whole story in itself, but often these same people complain about bag limits and size restrictions.
Whether you believe in paying or in the limits and restrictions, it is a system as a whole that helps protect the fishery we have and control the sustainability of that fishery.
Next time you are in the boat complaining about having to throw fish back because you have your bag or taking more that you really need, much of which ends up being thrown out and not eaten, have a think about what is about to happen in South Australia where, on November 1 there will be a complete ban on snapper fishing for three years.
There are a couple of areas that will still be open to snapper fishing but many of the more popular areas will be closed.
There are several reasons given but the one that keeps coming up is the stocks are depleted and they need building up again.
‘Why?’, ‘how?’ and all those other questions everyone will have different opinions, but the facts are the fishery will be closed.
There have been calls for many years in Victoria to have a closed season on snapper and I guess it’s a situation we will need to deal with if it happens.
If it comes up with the science that’s what needs to happen it will and not much we can do. We can, however, maybe change the science and the need for a closure by protecting the fishery we have got.
The snapper are getting a bit of protection this season with the Corinella boat ramp closed there are nowhere as many fishing around Spit Point as we normally see.
It has been busy on the couple of good days we have seen on weekends but where the snapper are getting a rest is during the week where people just aren’t travelling out of Melbourne’s east to have an after-work fish.
It has also meant that the reports have been a little slow.
The snapper reports we have seen are good fish and typical of early season fish so don’t be afraid to upsize your baits and hooks at the moment.
Apart from one or two snapper reports, they have all come from the channel beside the island and all the way up to Spit Point.
We did get a couple of second-hand reports from the bottom end of the western channel and just outside the western entrance of smaller pinkies.
Whiting reports are as they have been over the last few weeks with average size fish but reasonable numbers.
Although there is always a report that goes against patterns from the reports over the last month or so the am on an outgoing tide in Cleeland Bight and the pm on an incoming tide in Dickies Bay has been the best.
The size is still averaging around 32cm/36cm but over the weekend we saw a few more fish in better than average condition.
Calamari reports were good over the last week and we had some very good size reported while a little slow for numbers.
The boat reports have been better than the land but probably because we are starting to see more boats out now.
Many are out collecting bait for when the weather settles and they can get to the snapper grounds and we are being told that berley helps and jig colour is as hard as ever to work out.