TED Grambeau, the world-famous ocean photographer, reckons the Super8 film footage he’s seen of Dennis Ginn surfing Jeffreys Bay in South Africa, in the heady days of the late 1970s, is among the best he’s seen.
Ah, those were the days, says Dennis as he catches a glimpse of several surfing stills on the wall of his magnificent rural home, perched above the Bunurong coastal cliffs between Cape Paterson and Inverloch.
Here is a man who has lived life to the full and while he’s not about to raise the white flag just yet, despite adding the cruel ravages of mesothelioma to the trembling stiffness of Parkinsons Disease, he has reluctantly called time on farming.
“I haven’t sold the property. I’ve no intention of doing that but I am stepping back from operating the farm. We are continuing to live here however.”
Dennis bought the first part of ‘Yancowinna’ back in 1987, adding progressively to it over the ensuing years and developing an industry benchmark line of quality Angus cattle along the way.
“We were fortunate enough to negotiate a contract with South Gippsland Water which basically allows us to have the traditional autumn every year even when the weather isn’t cooperating.”
In consultation with his family, and partner Chris Gicquel, Dennis has made arrangements to lease out the property to some local farmers while retaining the house and access to the wetlands.
But there will be a big clearing sale at the property this Friday, November 1, 2019 which will be something of an end of an era for Yancowina.
“It will be a rare opportunity to buy some well-serviced equipment,” says Dennis in his best real estate agent-ese.
It’s true though. Dennis has been meticulous about the way the property has been managed.
“There’s three well-maintained tractors on offer, two of them registered, and a big list of other equipment, everything you’d expect, including a quantity of irrigation equipment.”
Recently retired SEJ Leongatha Livestock Agent, Rod Draper, has organised the sale and will be assisted on the day by auctioneers Jimmy Kyle and David Piggin.
The clearing sale starts at 10am this Friday, November 1, 2019, on the property at 700 Cape Paterson-Inverloch Road, Cape Paterson. (See advert this issue for lots to be offered and SEJ contact details.)