Great news on the climate change front apparently.
Only a few weeks ago a majority of Bass Coast Shire Councillors declared a climate change emergency and committed $200,000 to deal with it.
Now, the same councilors have decided there is no urgency after all.
A proposal to introduce livestreaming for a mere $20,000, thereby removing the need for ratepayers to climb into their carbon-producing vehicles in order to watch council proceedings, was rejected by the same councillors who declared a carbon emergency.
The excuse that closed captions are vital to livestreaming would only have made sense if Council was currently providing assistance for the hard of hearing at meetings.
The truth is that councillors have placed their personal fear of being held accountable to ratepayers ahead of their feigned concern for the environment.
How long before one or more of these councillors get on a carbon-producing flight to a climate change conference, I wonder?
Keith Finney, Inverloch.