WHEN it comes to fighting childhood cancer, Clive Smith from Cowes is at the frontline, taking part in the annual Great Cycle challenge to raise money for the Children’s Medical Research Institute.
During October, Clive’s target is to ride 250kms and raise $1000 for the cause.
This is the fifth time he has taken part in the challenge. In that time, he has raised more than $5000 and rode over 900kms. His purpose for riding is personal, as one of his students from Southern Cross Grammar at age seven was diagnosed with T–cell lymphoblastic lymphoma in 2016 and had 14 months of intensive chemotherapy.
“I found it really heartbreaking that any child has to spend time in hospital wondering whether the chemo is going to hurt,” Clive said.
“And [it is] equally as traumatic for the parents who have to sit there and wonder, are they going to outlive their child?
“My hope is that in a number of years a doctor who had previously wondered whether a treatment was going to work or not, would be able to say, they know the treatment is going to work,” he said.
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