In regard to your front page on the Sentinel-Times last week and in the interests of community positivity, how about rephrasing the situation that exists now in our shire?
All clear for trains to return to our region in 18 years if not sooner.
That is every reason for the shire to stop wasting money on ill-advised money-wasting ventures that will be outgrown in 18 years anyway.
The shire are hard at it again as you discover in your articles on your inside pages.
They’re justifying the building of a new Korumburra Community Hub without obtaining updated open community consultation.
What the shire caretakers could do is listen to the whole community who pays their salaries and the bills for their ill-advised spending and assume some leadership in areas where it really matters for the whole community to have a say. Put public transport right up there on their priority agenda.
Stop raising rates and get real about living within your own budget …as we all have to do who live in this Shire and relate to what the people need and want.
At the moment the three highly paid part-time administrators and the acting CEO all commute here by car of course and lack the community’s knowledge of the state of our roads and the lack of public transport for our kids, commuters and oldies.
Rethink the building of a rail trail that benefits few and will cost us all dearly.
Rethink all street beautification projects that we can’t afford if people are driven to live on the streets because they cannot afford to pay the unjustly high rates.
Stop making decisions that benefit mostly business interests in our area because business interests make the most noise, have most money and influence, think they know what’s best for us all and actually contribute the least in rates revenue for the whole shire.
Just give us all in the community a fair go.
Marie Gerrard-Staton, Korumburra.