I would like to commend the Inverloch Historical Society for their display this month at the Inverloch Hub.
The members of the Club have been collecting and collating the historical information and memorabilia for years, without a place to call home.
It is stored in the private homes of members, which I believe is a sad state of affairs.
The community is really fortunate to have dedicated people who care about our history and know how important it is for future generations to appreciate.
Inverloch predominately grew up as a holiday destination and does not have the old solid buildings of other towns that would normally be considered appropriate as a home for the Historical Society but nevertheless we have a history and we owe it to the hard-working members of the Society to find or build a museum appropriate to our seaside home and of which our community can be proud.
Come on Inverloch-ians, let’s start lobbying our Councillors, State and Federal Members to find a home for the treasures before some are lost because of inaction.
It is up to all of us to make it happen.
Glenys Dale, Inverloch.